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What our customers are saying.


“I am a sports fan and never miss any type of sports including the PPV. I travel a lot for work and can always access my favorite shows. I have a phone app that was very simple to setup and I travel a lot and can watch anywhere in the world. It’s way cheaper than any other service out there”

Craig H.

"Love it"

Linda R.

“On Demand Movies and Series are easy to watch. Service is cheaper than a month of Netflix and you get LIVE TV. Good value for the price. I like the New Release Movies section.”

Paul K.

“I like the ability to find a channel and hit play. Nobody compares to the pricing. Easy to follow and perform. AWESOME!”

Tony R.

“I like the variety for the family, college football, NFL, TV for toddlers and lots to choose from including other countries. I like the commercial free on demand series. The cost is a at least double of other TV packages.

Diego E.

“Having local channels no matter which city you live. Have Live TV, Series and Movies all in one app. Saving over $250 per month and get more content. Setup was easy using the videos and up and running in less than twenty minutes. 100% satisfied and highly recommended.”

Sherry E.

“I enjoy having many channels and the guide to see what’s playing. My previous streaming service did not have a guide and made it difficult to navigate. The on demand offers something for my entire family. The setup was very detailed and easy to follow. I love having all the channels at such a low price compared to other streaming services.”

Ken H.

“You do not need a Smart TV and only a HDMI input. Setup instructions on the website were very detailed and easy to follow. I like movies and enjoy having all the movie channels like HBO, Starz, Showtime, Cinemax and others as there is always something to watch and they are included in the price. Price is a no brainer. THANK YOU!”

Teresa K.

“Timing was perfect as they just raised my Netflix pricing and cable bill in the same month. I get every thing in one place for a very low price. Extremely happy with the service and highly recommend it to everyone. Sports, movies, kid shows… name it it’s there.”

Gary M.