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Connect to a fast and reliable internet connection anywhere.

Do you need an Amazon account to setup a Fire stick?

  • YES, the accounts are free (you don’t need PRIME membership) however you need to do an initial setup and software updates before loading any apps
  • I would recommend this version to control your TV power and volume with only one remote

What is “Live EPG” on the menu?

  • Expanded Program Guide (another detailed version of the guide) Be aware due to the amount of content and internet speed this may take a while to update
  • When first logging into account go to settings at top of player right (looks like a sprocket) and click EPG and refresh DNS as this will download the guide

What is the guide is not available in Live TV?

  • Try refreshing on the home screen….there is a notice showing the last update on all buttons (Live TV, Movies and Series)
  • This is a better option - go to settings at top of player right (looks like a sprocket) and click EPG and refresh DNS as this will download the guide

How do you recommend to search for a movie or series in the On-Demand apps?

  • First highlight the “ALL” category and then use the magnify glass in the upper right for best results.
  • You can also save to Favorites with the heart located below the magnify glass and selecting enter.

Does using the Steam for more app on my phone count this count as one connection?

  • YES and your limit or simultaneous connections cannot exceed you plan

What if I get my login account info and can’t add a user?

  • Double check that everything MATCHES EXACTLY per the email (Suggest copy and paste from email if that option is available to you)
  • Safeguard your account info as if someone gets access to it than that will count as a connection against you…again phone viewing counts as a connection. Exceed your subscription number of connections is a violation and get you ban with ZERO refund offered.

What internet speed is needed to run the app?

  • Minimum of 25 mbps download speeds. I suggest you increase your bandwidth speeds from your provider for BEST viewing experience.  The more connected devices such as Phones, Computers, Gamming will diminish your bandwidth.

Are Stream For More app and Mobile TV Same?

  • A mobile TV provides broadcasted TV channels on smartphones and tabs. There is no standard device size or bandwidth allocated for this facility. A mobile TV requires additional technical support to work properly. The Stream For More app relies on fixed-line broadband to stream TV channels available in your package. Stream For More IPTV solutions are powerful, reliable, and way more user-friendly than mobile TV.

How do you add favorites in LIVE TV?

  • Due to the number of channels I would recommend you spend time to do when using your new app for the first time in in any player you plan to use (phone, TV, Firestick, etc.). It takes a lot of time to search for local channels by area and the sports sections are massive. You can add favorites by highlight the channel then hold the center button down for a few seconds to open up the menu and press select again to add or remove if you later decide you don’t want it as an option.  For this reason when you open Live TV all of the ones you added are located in that folder located on the left site in the “FAVORITES” folder.
  • While using the Stream for More app tap the channel before expanding it to full screen and a star indicates it will be duplicated in your favorites folder

What If I encounter buffering?

  • I suggest you check the internet speed to see what your download speeds are and should be 85% to 100% of what you provider offers…if not call them (Pg. 12)
  • Another option is to hit the home button then go back into the app
  • Another option is to unplug your firestick power from the wall for about a minute and plug back in as a last result
  • The last option would be to restart the firestick under the settings in the home page “NEVER RESTART TO FACTORY SETTINGS” or you will lose all your content and start programming all over again
  • Remember TO NEVER GIVE you login info to anyone. You pay for a number of connections and if you exceed those you will encounter buffering or loss of viewing.  This will get you removed from the program and NO REFUNDS will be honored. Protect your account info like your email or bank info!

Which Devices Do Support Stream For More viewing?

  • All the popular Android, iOS, Windows devices and Smart TV sets support Stream For More TV. You can access this platform on any device with decent internet connectivity. It streams channels online and therefore you need a broadband or wireless internet connection.

Using an iPhone/Apple TV/iPAD returns all channels black, why is that?

  • This is usually because your Phone, Tablet or Apple TV has iCloud Private Relay turned on. Users must turn this feature off in order to connect and watch channels in our platform.

Do you need a Smart TV for Stream For More to Work?

  • Subscribers who use a Firestick comment that it’s easy to use, mobile and offers a good quality stream with the Stream For More service.  I would suggest one like this that offers the volume button so you can use one remote to volume adjustments and power your TV on/off.

Do you need to reinstall the app when you purchase a subscription from a trial account or if you already have the app?

  • You can open the account info and add a user with the NEW login info.  No need to do anything else for future use as the app defaults to the last account you used.




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